Hi! My name is Monday. I’m a woman of faith, happily married to an incredible husband of 12 years and homeschooling mom to two amazing boys.

Fascinated by interior design, fashion, photography, art, food and music,  I find creative comfort from making my own dresses, the smell of freshly baked bread or pastry in the morning,  the whirring sound of sewing machine in the middle of the night and textures of beautifully-made fabrics.

I enjoy quirky and spur-of-the-moment dates with my husband; meaningful conversations away from social media and waking up to cuddles and giggles of my boys rather than the beeps of  my mobile phone.  Above all,  Jesus makes me happy, like honey in my peppermint tea.

Stirred by grace and God-breathed purpose, I pen my thoughts about the genuine struggles and rewarding journey of homeschooling, family life and faith.


Who is Marytha?

Marytha is a portmanteau of two sisters from Bethany, Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42).

Marytha represents every woman who despite the nuances of this world, finds joy and stillness in the beautiful chaos of womanhood.

We all love to dream big like Martha.  Often times, we are easily swayed by how much money we make, how fit we are, how many things we accumulate and how to please everyone that we easily forget the purpose that we have been created for.   Nothing wrong with all of these. After all, we have all been given unique talents and abilities.  But wouldn’t it be refreshing to dwell in the place of purpose where there is serenity rather than the hustle of the world?

If that sounds good to you, you’re in the right place!  Let’s take this journey together.

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